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Landing Page
The first screen - first impression
1) Яскраве та якісне фото завжди пробуджує цікавість, привертаючи увагу цільової аудиторії. 2) Акцентуємо увагу на знижці  і змушуємо користувача без зайвих роздумів оформити замовлення. 3) Фраза "Залишилося 5 шт зі знижкою"  дає зрозуміти, що якщо Ви зараз не залишите заявку, то до кінця життя будете шкодувати про це.
Calls to action
The call to action is to engage the customer by showing him the value proposition. The main thing is to bring the visitor in exchange for their contact information it will receive valuable information or even a solution to his problem, so it is not difficult to spend 10 seconds of his life, to write the name, phone number and click on the application button. Make the visitor to make a purchase right now!
К акционному ноутбуку Acer - сумка в подарок!
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Demonstration results
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    Product benefits
    Show user all the benefits of your product, justify why you should choose you. Offer customers more than just a commodity.
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    Photo product
    You do not sell headphones and emotional state, feelings of euphoria and pleasure. Demonstrate the beauty products.
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    Video product
    Video allows you to quickly and clearly tell even complex products. Imagine a number of advantages in the most favorable light, amid which pale all competitors.
Create intrigue
Keep an intrigue, forcing again and again to scroll through the page and find out more details. Tells the user that now he has a great chance to save. And having bought goods later, he will pay more. The more interesting and intriguing elements will demonstrate Landing, the more chances you have of interest to the user and encourage him to purchase.
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